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Meet The Owner

Kiana Smothers

Kiana Smothers

Owner & Balloon Designer

A Few Words About Us

Why Choose Us

Our Approach. To us, it's not just work - it’s a the lasting memories we are providing you. We take time to understand your vision and your budget, and then execute accordingly. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to POP in your head, anytime you think of balloons. Executing professionalism as we  bring your Balloon Decor Vision to life.

Our Vision

Is simple.. to pop in with the BALLOONS for your dream event. Yes, balloon decor is a luxury but must it cost a fortune? Must you compromise quality and professionalism? Absolutely not!!! Our vision is to simple provide your event with a pop of luxury, at your budget.

What We Do

We do balloon decor in all forms! Garlands, arches, balloon walls. We work closely with floral warehouses so we can even provide you floral (with or without balloons). All events big and small; Baby showers, Gender Reveals, Weddings, birthdays, grand openings. If you think we can do it!